Spent last evening with Dave and Sally Hill out at the West Eugene Wetlands – Dave and I looking for images and Sally and Dave looking for birds.  Some new ones came up for me – a Northern Shrike and a Northern Harrier and the return of an old friend, a Red Wing Blackbird  — none of which I would have noticed without the help of those two.

The evening was quiet and gentle – not a whisper of a breeze and the reflections of the still leafless vegetation on the ponds made for what I think are some interesting shots.  I have photographed these trees so many times in all seasons but the reflection just caught my eye last night.  The same holds true with 2nd shot below – that tree has been in so many images from these wetlands but I never before just concentrated on the reflection.

Two_bare_trees_reflectionSmall_tree_reflectionWe had about 30 minutes to wait until the sunset came on and while it was not spectacular it fit the evening perfectly.

Early_sunsetAnd finally the last shot of the evening.

Sunset_lastI think Dave had a better position to shoot this sunset than I did so I would hope you go over to his blog for a look.  (In my Links)

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