We get snow so seldom here in Eugene, although this is the second time this year and it seems like it has been snowing for the last couple of days almost nonstop.  Taking advantage of the snow I went out to see if I could capture a few images.  After digging the car out and letting it thaw – 23 degrees right now here in town and still snowing – I  headed for the Delta Ponds area just west of my home.  I pretty much had the place to myself and traffic was at the bare minimum so driving was not really an issue.

I love the way snow paints the landscape and creates new and interesting, IMHO, patterns.  I got cold pretty quickly so only stayed a little over an hour and found a few things that caught my eye.  The first was a tree and bench that I shot just before Christmas – so different with snow.   You can tell there were a few walkers on the path from earlier in the day but I saw no one.

Snowy_benchAs I said I think the cold and snow make for wonderful unexpected simple patterns that you have to spend some time framing in ways that perhaps are pleasing.  The two images below are examples.

Snow_pattern_oval Snow_patternI am now home and dry with a fire going and some tea in hand.  Stay warm all of you and take care.

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