I have heard on the radio that roses are going be in short supply and that the price this week is going sky high but not being a consideration for me and after a few days of dreary weather I decided to get a bunch of tulips this morning at the local market instead and had some fun with them on my back patio.

A few years ago my friend Bruce and I went to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm for a morning shoot and we came away with some very nice shots but I did not have a macro lens with me or if I did I did not put it to good use.  Another notable part of that trip was a burro running down the center of a main road in Albany at 5:30 in the morning – never did come up with an explanation for that one.  I think another trip to the farm might be in order soon.

Anyway here are a couple of images that I shot this morning – they were all taken with a 100 mm Canon Macro lens and a small extension tube.  I used a mist bottle to add some interest via the water drops.  These are all stacked images using anywhere from 7 to 13 shots in the composite and for the most part were shot at exposure f2.8.

Sure was nice to just get behind the lens.  Cabin fever is real.

Combo4Combo2 Combo3 Combo1

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