Following a few days of cold and snow we transitioned into a very wet last few days here in the PNW with more to come and yesterday the weather forecasters were talking about flooding in the valley and some of the tribs to the Willamette.

I think that storms and the resulting conditions have the potential to create interesting shots so I went out this morning at first light to see what the storm had provided to my lens.  There was so much tree damage along McKenzie View drive and one of my favorite old. and huge, maples was broken in half and sadly lying against a fence.  I will miss that tree.

There was really not much of interest but I did manage to find one shot that was not all cluttered up with debris.

Willow_reflection_BWWhen I got back home I finally checked my phone and found I had a message from Dave and after calling him back we decided to head out for another short visit to Delta Ponds, very near our homes.  The water in the ponds – which are connected to the Willamette River – was as high as I have ever seen it – sort of off color and dull.  I found myself looking for and shooting the small details that seemed to be surviving in the flow.  Did find one that I liked.  About as simple a composition as it comes.


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