Kirsten Shende from Art Counselor Inc. {} here in Eugene recently used one of my photographs in what I think is a very unique and creative way.  The image was printed by Janet Smith-Adams {} on a medium weight silk-like banner material that has a peel off sticky back.  The color rendition and the detail that comes through in the print speaks highly of not only the material used but of Janet’s skill and care in producing it.

Mounting the print  takes time to do correctly so as to not crease the print.  It adheres to a window or any other surface.  The nice thing about using a window is the amount of light that comes through – it changes throughout the day and with different weather conditions.   Also Kirsten tells me that there is no left over residue on the window should one decide to change out the art from time to time.

The images below are a before and after set and my understanding is that the person who occupies this office is very happy with the product.




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