Had another delightful day in the mountains and on the coast with friends Paula Goodbar and Dave Hill – so here is the tale.

We left Eugene thinking that the low lying clouds would break up and we would find ourselves in glorious sunshine – just a little but overcast for most of the day.

From his birding outings with wife Sally, Dave knows the country roads in and leading to the Coast Range extremely well.  I personally was getting a little nervous having failed to tie a string on the fence at home.  Luckily they did not drop me off in the wilds.  First stop was right out of town as we watched the low hanging clouds engulf what morning sun we had.  We stopped for a bit – sort of warm up -but I did manage to find one interesting shot.

One of my goals for the day was to take long exposure images using the 10 stop ND filter and intervalmeter that I had purchased especially for that form of photography.  Dave and Paula were very patient with me as I fumbled my way through take after take only to finally get a shot that I like a lot.  This image is simple color banding from the fields in the valley.   I love this shot but I know it will not be to everyone’s taste.

We rolled on to the small town of Bellfountain and came across Country Boys Gas and were charmed by the rustic nature of the pumping station and the old building around it.  I like simple things which I guess speaks for my simple mind but was really attracted to the old tank with an access ladder on the side.  Old things can be charming. :~)

We moved on toward the town of Alsea – Dave knew the way – I was lost but I think we were near Mary’s Peak.  The road dropped into a stream crossing and we were first attracted to the color in the hardwoods lining the stream.  We piled out and started shooting.  It was not until I returned to the van and with some serious pointing on the part of my companions that I recognized how wonderful this stand of 2nd growth timber in the fog above the road really was.  We all came away from this stop with huge smiles on our face and I know that Paula got some great images here.

An then in Black and White – they speak to me in different ways.

We drove on and stopped at the store in Alsea and I have a shot or two that I will work up and post later but I was really looking forward to the coast and trying out Long Exposure techniques.  I was a bit leery of going to Seal Rocks as the low clouds seemed to hanging in along the coast but Dave gently prodded me to get out there.  This next shot was taken with the 10 stop ND filter at ISO 50 f22 for 45 seconds.  Sure glad we stopped.

Lunch was in Yachats at an old style bar and grill – got my oil changed.  I still had in mind being able to do long exposure work at Heceta Head lighthouse but prior to that stop Dave suggested we give Devil’s Churn a go and I think we were all delighted with the results.  The first one below is another long exposure – 45 seconds using basically the same techniques as the one taken at Seal Rocks.

I took off the filter and concentrated on the wave action – could have shot for hours – this was fun!!

Heceta Head lighthouse was obscured by fog and/or trees and just did not come around so we headed for home and the possibility of  a stop at a poplar stand near Veneta but the light just did not come around.  It was a great day and I sure do enjoy my time with Dave and Paula and am looking forward to future outings.  Your comments as always are welcome.