As I stepped out of the door this morning heading for a 0530 Spin Class I could see stars which held the promise of a somewhat clear day – aka – no rain!!  After class I headed for the wine country south of Eugene.  Driving up Crow Road I came upon a stand of pine trees.  I had Black and White in mind for this shot from the moment I stopped the car and the background fog adds softness to the image, IMHO.

As I hiked back up the road the sun was finding its way through the trees and I just happened to see it begin to brighten a small clump in a field across the road.  Sometimes you get lucky and just happen to stick your head up at the right time.

I continued on to Briggs Hill and was surprised to find the access road at Sweet Cheeks winery open.  I tentatively made my way up thinking a worker would quickly be dispatched to halt my progress but that did not happen.  I found a worker at the winery and got permission to shoot.  That always takes away some of the trepidation (aka big dogs) and seems like the polite thing to do.  There are some leaves left but for the most part the harvest is over and the work of making wine is in full progress.  The light was coming on to the hillside and it lit up the remaining vines.

It was a lovely morning and as the sun gained strength and burned off the fog I headed for home and now for some lunch.