Paula, Dave and I had been chatting about a trip through the  Cascades to shoot snow scenes and from the weather reports we had all hawked for a number of days it appeared that Monday was the day to go for it. I certainly would have made this trip by myself but doing it with others whose love of photography comes out through their actions and images just makes it all the much better.  We left town in the dark and headed up Willamette Pass with several stops in mind – Salt Creek Falls, Odell and Crescent Lakes and with any luck we would find ourselves able to travel over the Cascade Lakes Highway into Bend.  Just outside of the town of Oakridge there is a little pond next to the railroad tracks and we started our day of shooting in a quiet, easy way.   The pond was mirror still and I think we all concentrated on the reflections in the water from the surrounding vegetation.   The shot below however is not a reflection.  I called the image ‘Connections’ – the morning dew helped to define the links.


All of us were a little reticent to take photographs from a ViewPoint along the road but this one was just too good to pass up.   I believe that is Diamond Peak on the left and Mount Yoran on the right but if you know better please let me know.


We did make a stop at Salt Creek Falls as Paula had never seen it and it had been a long time since Dave had visited.  Both of them I am sure took great shots but I sort of demurred as I have many, many images of this beautiful waterfall.  We moved on to Odell Lake but were all sort of disappointed – flat light and not much snow.  There was on opportunity but I have not worked on that image just yet so will perhaps post it later.  Crescent Lake however was lovely and the light was gentle.


I think we were all rather looking forward to seeing what awaited along the Cascade Lakes Highway and we did get some glimpses of the 3 Sisters but nothing that would have proven good for photography.  We got 30 miles up the highway and to a collective groan we came to a gate  and a ODOT truck.  Curses foiled again!!  We went up a side road that looked like it might offer a way around but more we drove the more we were dragging snow on the undercarriage of the car – then we tried to turnaround.  Yikes – high centered.  It  took about 45 minutes to an hour of digging and jockeying the car to get it out.  Never would have make it out by myself – so grateful to Dave and Paula.

We were pretty bushed and in need of food and beer so a stop at the Bend Brewery hit the spot.  We debated on just heading home as opposed to an option of shooting the sunset from the cliffs just south of the town of Sisters, aka, C-P Point.  By the end of the evening I think we were all delighted to have chosen the cliff option.  As we moved through the Magic Hour the scene in front of us just got better and better.  Of all the evenings and mornings I have spent at C-P point this was the best.  The first shot below is of Mount Jefferson.


As I gathered up my gear to leave I walked up a path toward Paula who gave me an admonishing look and advised me to turn around one more time.  Grateful to her for that advice.  This was about the last shot of the evening.  We hiked back down the hill and left the tailhead about about 5PM.