The local weather services all predicted pockets of heavy fog this morning – which can produce a photographic dream scape – so after a 0530 Spin Class I picked up Dave and we headed out.  We had scouted a set of ponds at a park called Golden Gardens a few weeks ago and thought that they held a lot of promise for some nice shots especially in fog.  Dave had been birding in this area but it was new to me.  The fog did not develop like we had hoped but everything was trimmed in a wonderful halo of frost.  We spend a couple of hours just wandering and even though it was well below freezing I don’t think either of us really noticed the cold until we got back to the car.

I only took a couple of steps out the door when I noticed this small blackberry vine winding up a post – lovely when frosted – nature’s diamonds.


I spent some time shooting the details that I found along the banks of the pond and this little plant was particularly adorned with frost.


I thought I would include a wide view of the area we were shooting in (5 images stitched together – 75×14).  I think in the fog or in the autumn with color or even in the spring with wildflowers this could be a great place to wander for a bit with your camera. (If you click on this image to enlarge it you will notice some spots in the top center – ducks – not gunk on my sensor)


The half-moon had not yet set and I think both of us were attracted to its reflection in the pond.  The shot below is combination of 8 shots taken at different focus points and then auto-blended in CS6.


The sun started to climb a bit higher and we moved on a bit quicker but I did notice  how nicely the trees along one of the banks were lit up with the morning sun.  Almost a champagne color to help celebrate the New Year.

Bank_lightLast summer I took a shot of flowers in the Owen Rose Garden and I called that shot Summer Bouquet so this next one I have decided to call Winter Bouquet.  Much more rugged and able to withstand the cold but just as pretty  – I think.


This area is very close to town so if any of you want to join in at the last moment we usually decide the night before on when and where to go and you are most welcome.