Dave and I made plans on Sunday evening to shoot areas in downtown Eugene thinking we might get some images of people moving in the fog.  It was 26 degrees this morning down there. We did not last long and were both chilled to the bone and were only able to get a couple of blocks before returning to the car.  Still and all there were some very interesting images, IMHO, to be had.  Glad I had my tripod as it resolved the shivering issue.  The first shot was just out of the car.  The streetlights give a wonderful glow early in the morning and I just happened to notice what I am thinking was a person getting to work early in the bank building.


We moved on to Kesey Square and I happened to notice this colorful ‘box’ of a building against the brick wall and highlighted by the street lights.  It seemed tethered to the wall. (love the primary color of the ‘box’)


Just across the street there is a set of guideposts that make a wonderful addition to the downtown street art in Eugene.  This is one of them in the early morning light and fog.  The lights seem to point the way.


Dave suggested we loupe around and head back for the nice warm car and that sure sounded good to me.   We crossed through a downtown park and by a fountain that was running but not iced up.  There is a metal sculpture in the pond of what I think are migrating salmon and it just seemed to me that they were swimming toward the light.  We only lasted about 30 minutes at best and I think were both surprised at how cold we got.  Perhaps it comes from walking around on the concrete.  I sure was not as cold last week up on the McKenzie River in similar temperatures.