No rain this morning and I am feeling much better after three days of fighting off a cold.  Decided that I needed to spend some time behind the lens even if that meant just wandering for an hour or so in the wetlands west of town.  It was one of those soft mornings interrupted periodically but the retort of gunfire as the duck hunters took aim and let loose.  Those of you who photograph know how easy it is to get lost and absorbed in what you are doing – time flies – such was the case as I focused on the ponds, reeds and reflections that I found arrayed in from of me.  I was deep into it – lost in composition – when the blast of a duck call not ten feet away vaulted me out of my reverie.  Following the attention returning blast I had a very nice conversation with the hunters who had not had much luck.  I however did manage to get a few shots that I like.


This next shot is one of my favorites for this month and thus for this year – duh!  Calling it “halfway between the water and the sky” and it mite be worth a print.


Walking back toward the car I noticed a single leaf – dead but holing on – and it seemed as if another movement experiment was appropriate.  I know a lot of you don’t like this technique but it is fun to play with.


This coming week holds the promise of a trip to the Charleston harbor area along the Oregon coast and I sure am looking forward to more time out and about.