I remember saying last autumn that I wanted to spend more time this winter photographing in the snow and so far I have only nibbled around the edges.  Today I went for it.  Was thinking about this all through Spin Class this morning – anxious to get up there but I had a BREAKAWAY!! to slip in prior to leaving.  I headed up Santiam Pass toward Hoodoo Ski Area and I found fresh snow adorning the trees and making what I think are interesting patters.

The first stop was just prior to Santiam Junction where there is a stand of old growth fir in the lava fields.  In Black and White they certainly did stand out against the snow.

3pines_BW I then stopped near Koosha Falls as the access road to the dam was plowed. There was open water rimmed with ice and from time to time light would break through the overcast.


It was snowing heavily as I made my way back up to the highway and again I turned east – upward toward Lost Lake.  I found a place to park that allowed me to gear up in safety – hat, coat, gloves, camera bag, tripod and snowshoes.  Down the hill I went.  I was bit disappointed in what I found but managed to fall down a couple of times as I hooked the snowshoes onto one another in mid-stride.  Walking back the sun broke through once again and the pattern of light on snow was an image that spoke to me.  Almost personal.


Driving up a major mountain highway in the winter means finding yourself often times in a corridor with very little opportunity to park safely and get out and I had to let a number of shots go – just no place to park.  I did finally manage to find a spot just east of Lost Lake where the B&B fire had burned thru a wetland.  I did manage to find two small trees that I am sure have come on since the fire.  Very simple patterns against the snow.


Finally got to the Hoodoo Ski area turnoff and found a parking area where x-country skiers had prepped and departed.  I waddled up the route on my snowshoes looking for a landscape view of Mt. Washington.  Alas that did not turn out but there were many snags and remnants from the fire silhouetted against the snow and the clouds were sweeping over the top of the pass.


It was time to head back on good roads with a Bob Dylan CD accompanying me.  Great morning to out in the snow.  Remember you can click on any of the images to get a larger view.