I think the current show by Rachel McLain (http://rachelmclain.com/) at The Art Annex here in Eugene (http://eugeneagogo.com/The-Art-Annex-Art-Counselor-Inc-/v/KPH4MLT/ ) may have inspired a number of photographers to set up their tripods, unleash their macro lenses and get out to the local gardens.  It sure did me and I spent time today in the Owen Rose Garden.  There is not much blooming yet – full-on spring is still a few weeks away. I know that I will go back and shoot again after a rain – trying to capture the beauty of the blooms and the raindrops.  The shot below is of the remains of a rose from last year  – I can visualize drops of water on each of the spikes.  I will keep at it perhaps with a set of extension tubes.