As I looked out my back window last evening there were streaks of sunshine accenting the yard and I quickly ran out to have a look and it appeared that there might be a chance for a interesting sunset out at the wetlands.  As I drove out there I noticed some ‘god speak’ rays breaking through the clouds and so my optimism seemed justified.  By the time I got in place to shoot the ‘god speak’ was gone but the sun playing behind the clouds still seemed interesting enough to rip off a few shots.

First_view_sucker_holeNotice if you will the dark clouds to the right of the image.  Amazing how fast those things move and a hole can fill up!


The wind came up and the rain came down as I headed for the shelter of the car but on the way back I stopped to shoot what I think is just a nice view of marsh grass in various colors and patterns.  It was raining heavily by the time I got back to the car but any evening out and about with camera in-hand is a good one.