Nice spring Sunday morning down here and I took my 400 mm lens with a doubler down to the ponds by Valley River Center.  I found an article on-line about making auto-focus work with the above combination and was anxious to give it a try in the wild – not just my back porch.  As I walked down the path to get started I was just struck by how beautiful the trees along the bank were – bursting with life and new growth.  This shot was with the 400 mm lens without the doubler and it will auto-focus.


Now on to the test.  I found an egret and a nesting goose who served as test subjects.  My experience with this technique is that the lens will auto-focus with the doubler if you are in Live-View.  It is not fast to focus but it will get there and lock on for a clear shot as you can see below.  One could never pan a moving or flying bird but for what I needed this morning it worked well.


Kirsten has asked me for some more bird shots and while two is not many – it adds to the list.