I spent a couple of hours mid-day today with Dave and Sally Hill, penultimate birders, at Mt. Pisgah park.  Spring is just about to explode and we were treated to deep green fields of grass punctuated by old and rather gnarly oaks.  These are scenes that are so typical of the slopes of the Willamette Valley this time of year.  The first one below is such a scene – just a few meters from the parking lot.


We just wandered along the paths by the river and I noticed a wonderful blooming tree on the far bank standing bright against the gray of the old vegetation and framed by hanging moss that had survived the winter storms.


We made a nice long loupe, wandering through the fields – Dave and Sally finding and ID’ing birds that would never have come to my attention without their expertise.  On the way back I did notice a small grouping of early blooming fawn lilies.  There will be many more in the days to come.  This shot is a combination of 10 shots taken at different focal points and aligned and stitched into a single image.


As we got closer to the parking lot on the return trip I noticed this wonderful single old tree with long graceful ballet dancer limbs.

Oak_tree_stitchThe above shot is 3 images stitched together and if you double click on the image you can get a larger view of it and if you do the same with the others they will enlarge as well.  After about 1 and 1/2 hours the day warmed and greeted us with Spring and I think we all thought about days to come wandering around down there.   Companions always welcome.