I find myself visiting Hendricks Park this time of year on an almost weekly basis i.e., between rain showers.  This week was no exception.  The blooms just evolve with the season and the abundance always seems to amaze me.  White bleeding hearts were not out before I left for the Olympic Peninsula but upon my return they are in profusion.  This shot is really a combination of 12 images stitched together to form a large long image.


The rhodies and the azalea’s are coming on strong and I love the combination of one color against another.  The park is full of these views – you just have to look.   I may make another visit but the Camas lily is in bloom out at the wetlands and I will change my focus (pun intended) to that area for a while.  Happy Spring to y’all – it a great time to be in the Willamette Valley.