Remember Pigpen from the ‘Peanuts’ comic strip??  Seems like he was always dirty and had a little cloud of dust following him around everywhere he went.  While dust is hard to come by in the Willamette Valley this time of year there is plenty of mud to go around.

The Camas Lily are in bloom in the fields near Fern Ridge Reservoir.  This has, more or less, become an annual Spring outing and it always seems to turn out about the same.  Mud, Mud, Mud!!  I shot these images by positioning the camera very close to the ground a.k.a. mud and ended up on my knees and stomach.  Came home covered and feeling very much like a moist Pigpen.  Still the flowers are so beautiful and even a walk on the roads beside the fields is a treat that I hope you locals can get out and enjoy.  Still a few more weeks before they are gone.



All my field gear went straight into the washer upon my return but muddy clothes seem a small price to pay for an afternoon amongst these blooms.