The last few days have been just glorious spring weather – sunny and nicely warm with flowers popping all over town.  I spent part of yesterday morning at the Owen Rose Garden here in Eugene – some blooms coming on but not a rose in sight.  However many more blooms to have fun with .  The following two images are composites of 9 and 10 shots respectively.   This type of shooting can be tricky because it demands almost perfectly still conditions – no wind and you must anchor the camera to a solid tripod plus you have to do manual focusing.  The results are often times disappointing but I do like the following two.  The results give a very nice depth of field. (Click on the image for a larger view)



So much for the flora.  There is an eagle’s nest in Skinners Butte park and this morning Dave Hill took me over and placed me in a position to see the chick.  Chick sort of implies small – not true for this one – he/she is growing rapidly and I think it will not be long before it leaves the nest.  I shot this image with a 400 mm telephoto lens with a doubler – thus 800 mm – and I still had to crop it down to get a recognizable image – long way off.  The adults did not show up this morning so I think I may take another swing up that trail over the weekend as it would be great to see the adults tending to their offspring.


Have a great weekend and enjoy the sun.