Yesterday I stopped by The Gallery at the Watershed  {http://www.} to have a look at their new exhibit and was inspired by the fascinating abstract art that surrounded me.  In mid-afternoon – not a great time to go shooting – I went out to the wetlands with the idea of continuing the test of my recently repaired camera and got caught up in what I have to come to think of as natural abstracts.

This feels way out of my comfort zone and I am sure a lot of you will not much care for these images but they were fun to do and I think  it is always good to stretch a bit.  (Click on the images to get a larger view)

From the shore:

Abstract_1_waterFrom the mud flats:

Abstract_2_mudAlong the side of the trail:

Abstract_4_blue_mudA trip to the mountains will be coming along soon and I am looking forward to doing some large scenes with the camera but all indications are that Canon solved the problem this time.