I know that it is not quite summer for a few more days but yesterday afternoon sure did have the feel of summer.  There were big fluffy white clouds building up over the mountains and filling in the valley in advance of predicted rain showers.  The clouds just called me out.  I rarely shoot on the west side of Fern Ridge Reservoir but the low water levels on the eastern shore pushed me to explore some new views.   There are two rather large parks along the west side but thankfully they were rather empty yesterday afternoon.   Just a few folks enjoying the sun.  There was a lot of turbidity in the water as you can see – shallow lake.

Summer_dock West_side_Fern_RidgeThere is another park on the west side of the lake, Zumwalt Park, where I have shot before and Dave and I made our way over there for a last stop.  There were patches of reeds and an old fence line along the water that I found interesting.  Not sure what the initial purpose of the fence was but the remnants weathered beautifully.

Post_wireFor a while now, I have been experimenting with a 10 stop ND filter which allows for long exposures at mid-day.  The technique sometimes results in very interesting images and sometimes with “what was I thinking?!” images.  Yesterday I unpacked the filter once again and made the following image which I think from a creative standpoint was my favorite of the day.  I recently watched a video presentation by Art Wolfe who talked about finding a point of clear focus in a scene filled with movement and that seems to work in this image.  The moving water and wind blown grass combined with a very long exposure produced the movement and there are some parts of the grass that were sturdy enough to not move.