From time to time yesterday I checked the weather and it seemed as if there was a constant variety of clouds moving over town which after many days of clear blue sky prompted me to head out for an evening/sunset shoot at the wetlands.  Just wanted to be outside and exercise the new sensor in my camera.

I left the house in plenty of time to get in a position to shoot the sunset so stopped at an old barn that is along the way.  I think this barn would be a great backdrop for a shoot with a model.  Wish I knew who owned it.

Old_barn_BWI hiked up the road to the observation platform – the wind was howling with the coming of the weather front and it made for interesting pattens of light and turbulence on the water.

Windy_pointAfter about 30 minutes I moved over toward the main part of the reservoir and just watched the weather front move in.  The clouds seemed to be stacked and ready to go.  No rain but lots of wind and interesting clouds.  T’was a really nice night – cool and windy – felt like being back on the wet west-side.