I noticed for the first time in a while that it was almost dark when I left the gym following my morning workout.  Autumn, the color season and my favorite time of the year, is approaching and I wanted to be sure that the repaired camera was in full working order before all the autumn photographic opportunities were upon us.  Those opportunities include a trip in September to Glacier NP and I am sure many trips to the Cascades and Coast as well.

The morning outing consisted of a loop around Fern Ridge Reservoir – portions of which I have shot many times.  This was a bit different.  My first stop was at Richardson Point off Clear Lake Road.  The parking lot was empty and the toll booth was closed.  Great time to be there.  I wandered down one of the paths not really expecting to find much when I saw this wonderful lone tree with a table beneath and morning light brightening the scene.  Waiting for the good times to come.

Single_tree_table_leftWandering on I came to the entrance to the marina and found this single stone sticking out of the water and catching the waves that lapped against it.

Catching_the_wavesThe loop continued with little more to spark my photographic interest until I turned onto Royal Street and just noticed this delicate wild summer bouquet along the side of the road.  I had to turn around and brave walking on the side of busy highway to get this shot but I love the pattern and contrasting color.

Summer_bouquetThe camera seems to be performing well – at least for now.  Many more test shots to come before my faith will be fully restored.