…and I think both Dave and I were disappointed this morning at the lack of snow on the Valley floor.  We had both been watching the weather forecast and it seemed as if there was an outside chance of snow but nothing this morning save icy windows and a few slick spots on the road.  We drove toward the small town of Marcola using the back roads and stopped at one point mostly just to start a morning of shooting.  Just a nice gentle but cold morning.

Ponds_first_shotWe took the road up McGown Creek which winds its way thru some old growth forest and some recent clear cuts.  We had stopped a few times but it was not until we got high enough to find the snow that we got serious about shooting – alas only to warned by authorities.  I am pretty sure that they were not talking about our kind of shooting – Ya Think!!??

No_ShootingThere was an image I saw posted on FB the other day that showed a bare tree against a white backdrop that had been purposely pulled up behind it.  I got to thinking that nature in some respects does the same thing sans the sheet so when I saw this Dr. Seuss tree this morning I carefully framed it against a blank sky trying for a similar result.

Bare_tree_plain_backgroundWe kept moving up until we came to a meadow adjacent to a clearcut.  The meadow and trees were covered in fresh snow and there was both detail as in these sword ferns —-

Sword_fern_snowand a lovely Nature’s Christmas tree in the meadow.

Natures_Christmas_treeMore snow is predicted for Friday and if the forecast holds I am sure we will be out yet again looking for treats in the snow.

(These images are better if you click on them to get a larger view)