Snowing hard when Dave and I left the car parked along Golden Gardens early this morning.  We headed out in light fluffy snow for what turned out to be about an hour and a half walk around the ponds that dot the park.  The recent cold and now the snow make for some wonderful patterns and the adjacent fields that were filling up with fresh snow made for some almost classic Black and White shots.  The Black and White images of the fields and trees are some of my favorites and I have been hoping for a long time to capture images like this so it was good morning for me.  Dave and I were both very happy with what we found and were anxious to get back to view them on the computer.

I am putting these up as a Gallery so if you are curious just click on one and you will get a full size image and then you can make your way thru the others by just clicking on the embedded arrows.  Just hit Esc to return to the blog.

Still snowing pretty hard here and I have heard that it will continue most of the day – glad to have a load of firewood in the shed, a good book and a nice fire going.