It was such a nice morning today and I decided to just go out to Delta Ponds for a walk in the sunshine and see what I could find out there – camera and long lens in-hand and an optimistic attitude.  There is some remaining ice along the edge of the ponds that made for some interesting patterns and reflections but the first image I framed up was of what I believe is a relatively immature Cormorant adorned with what I think is the wildlife biologist version of a bracelet.

CourmarantI did see a Hooded Merganser and a Kingfisher but my shots of them are so poor that I am not sharing them.  This bird photography is tough.

I walked on a bit and found a stalk of dead leaves hanging on that were light from behind and the scene caught my eye.  Simple compositions match my simple mind.

Dead_leaft_stalkAs I mentioned earlier the remaining ice resulted in some interesting patterns and reflections and the two below are some of many to be found out there.

Ice_pattern Ice_reflectionSure fun to be out in the sunshine and not cowering in the house using firewood like crazy.