Just a few images from a morning excursion out in the Valley.  It was foggy and we have that damp cold that seems to permeate everything and while not bone chilling like last week it still gets down in there.  I knew the turnaround place for me was going to be the tiny town of Alpine where I hoped to photograph an historic store but alas it is gone – replaced by some antiseptic concrete and steel building yet to be occupied.  Time moves on.

I went back to the river side town of Harrisburg where I have shot before and revisited an old Catholic church – being held up mostly by force of habit – and a old building front with a door that I find so beautiful.  I am sure the door was in use at one time but is now sealed and part of a wall.  The church has windows that frame interesting items for those of us who have to cruise around outside – sure would love to get in there sometime.  Anyway these three are from my morning outing – just sharing.

Door_latch Window_cross Window_scene