It was 0315 when I left the house this morning anxious to get to Salt Creek as I heard the wild rhododendrons were in bloom.  They can be so beautiful against the dark old growth timber and that was the aim of heading out so early.  Turns out I was a bit earlier than I really needed to be and I ended up walking with my headlamp on down the trail to the Salt Creek overview.  It was simply too dark to photograph the rhodies.  I have many shots of Salt Creek Falls but I think this one shows its’ grace and elegance in early morning light.

Salt_Creek_earlyOn the way down the trail I noticed that a lot of the trailside rhodies were not in bloom and I was pretty disappointed thinking I had come too early.  On the way back up the trail there was running through my head a quote from Edward Weston “You should be able to look at your feet and find a photograph”  so I looked over at the adjacent slope and there was small group of Canadian dogwood.  What a nice find. The image below was taken with my wide angle lens, 16 mm, and took a bit of processing to get the distortion out of it.  I was laying on my stomach with the tripod legs spread out nearly flat.

Canadian_dogwood_wideI crossed Salt Creek on the bridge above the falls and started down the trail toward Vivian Lakes and noticed the pattern in the False Hellebore growing along the path.  Nature’s patterns.  Another nudge to look from Mr. Weston.

Hellebore_pattern_BWStill feeling sort of let down about the lack of blooms on the rhodies I started back to the car and turned a corner near the road and there they were – just as I had hoped.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I did photographing them.  Click on the image for a larger view.

Rhodies1 Rhodies_stackedDecided to drive up the highway to see if I could find some more blooms.  Took the turn into Gold Lake and got there in time for morning light on the lake.  Made for a really nice scene.  Yes there is a fisherman rowing his boat in the far upper right reaches of the image.

Gold_lake_morningI stopped for coffee and eggs at the Mountain Lion Bakery in Oakridge – topped off a wonderful morning – I need to get out and about with camera in hand.