When you drive to the end of a road and there are no cars in the parking lot – save yours – it is a pretty good bet that you will have the landscape to yourself.  Such was the case last night at the wetlands just west of Eugene.  Had the place to myself – well, it was me, lots of ducks, geese, bull frogs and no-see-em’s but not another human in sight.

What follows is a set of 3 images that more or less make up a time sequence starting from when I first walked up the road leading to the reservoir to the last shot as the sun set into a bank of clouds on the horizon.

Looking_north_HDRA few meters up the road and a few more ticks on the watch.

Looking_north_HDR_goodFinal set of shots before heading back to the car.  Just a tinge of red in the clouds – was hoping for more but it did not materialize.   Still and all t’was a lovely evening.  It had been a while since I visited these wetlands – forgot what a joy it is to wander around in them – watching and listening.