Every year it seems we wait for the snow to be cleared from Old Mckenzie Pass.  It opened to car traffic a little more than a week ago and a trip up there found its way on my agenda today.  First stop was Scott Lake – nice quiet morning with about a bizzilion mosquitoes attacking me.  They made it so uncomfortable to shoot that all I could do was to line up what I hoped would be a good shot and then run for the car.  Just getting in and out let in so many of them.  A strong indication of what was to come.

Scott_Lake_HDRThere is a small wet meadow just to the east of the Scott Lake turnoff and today it was filled with Jeffery Shooting Stars and Marsh Marigold.  I was lovely.

Marsh_marigold_spyder Shooting_stars1 Shooting_stars2_dropsOn the way up the road I noticed that there is an abundance of Beargrass in bloom – actually more in one place than I have ever seen in my time in the mountains.   These are just a couple of the images I made as it seemed one could point the camera anywhere and there were fields of them – actually they were under the old growth and seemed to just be like candles in the darkness.  There are many more that are not in full bloom and I am sure that after a week or two has elapsed a return trip would yield additional images.

Beargrass_HDR_CRBeargrass_2_HDR_CRFinally walking back to the car – the mosquitoes were still horrible – there was this lovely columbine growing by the side of the road.  Such a treat.  The beauty of the flowers more than made up for the annoyance of the bugs but it would be nice to have flowers without the bugs – probably too much to ask.

Columbine_combo (I put a couple of these images up on Google+ so if you follow that site you may have already seen them and I apologize for the duplication.)