Spent part of yesterday afternoon with Dave Hill out in the  Willamette Valley just west of Eugene.  There were some interesting cloud formations floating overhead and they are what drew me out.  I was thinking Black and White images the whole time – the black being as much of a shape as the white of the clouds not just a space or filler in between.  The 3 images below were taken using a 10 stop Neutral Density filter resulting in exposure times of around 45 seconds.  The was a wind blowing and that caused some diffusion in the clouds and made the scene a bit more interesting.  IMHO

The fist image was simply noticing what was in front of us as we drove along a cross road.

First_valley_pano_BWDave and I shot on different sides of the road so I am sure ended up with very different compositions plus he was experimenting with a camera converted to take Infrared images so be sure go over and visit his blog – link is included on my listings.

The second image was just a simple farm scene – access road, fence and nice cloud patterns over the fields.

Vallye_Farm_LE_BWWe ended up at a small access beach to Fern Ridge reservoir and I waded out into the water to compose this shot.  Felt good on a warm day!  The wind was moving both the water and the clouds.

Fern_Ridge_LE_BWT’was  a fun afternoon using gear that I normally don’t dig out of my bag – clicking and learning.