For the last few days and for the next ones to come the Willamette Valley has heated up to the mid-90’s and for us soggy souls that is a bit much to take.  To escape I headed for the Oregon Coast this morning following my workout.  I certainly was not alone.  Lots of traffic.

There was the promise of overcast sky in the forecast and that can often help to soften the images.   I went specifically to photograph using a 10 stop ND filter thus producing long exposure times giving what can often be a pleasing effect.  The 3 images below were all taken near the town of Florence, OR along the banks of the Siuslaw River.  They were all long exposure times — ranging from 30″ to 1’10”.  It is a bit tricky using this filter and it requires setting up and resetting a few times to get the shot you want.   I have a lot of useless images on the card but a few that turned out just as I had hoped.

{Prints are available for all three of these images.}

Siuslaw_upstream_LELooking upstream

Siuslaw_mouth_posts_LENear Cushman – sun just coming thru the clouds ( my favorite of these 3 – simple minds like simple things)

Siuslaw_mouth_dock_LERailroad bridge piling near Cushman

It was interesting to watch the car thermometer gradually rise from 57 in Yachats to 90 here in the Valley.  Think I will stay home and stay cool for the afternoon.   Some of you are probably saying I have never been cool in my life – probably true.