Dave Hill and I spent part of last evening at the wetlands west of Eugene.  The weather made for a very strange sort of evening.  With all the haze and smoke from the wildfires burning in the state the sky seemed almost ominous.  We spent about 2 hours out there and the images below are pretty much a timeline starting from when we first walked out the access road to the last shot just before we packed up the gear and headed for the car.  There is something sort of surreal about the color in the images – almost like the covers you sometimes see on a book of science fiction.

Just walking into the wetlands :

Sunset_first_HDRThe next two are about 30 minutes apart.  There was a short time when the sun seemed to almost disappear in the haze but then dropped down into a layer of clearing just above the mountains for a spectacular sunset.  At one point the sun got so strong just before dropping below the hills that it was painful to even take a glimpse at it.

Sunset_starburst_2_HDRSunset_starburst_HDRAnd the last shot before heading home.

Sunset_lastt_HDRReally nice evening and the wind helped to cool things off which for me was more than welcome.