I was asked recently what my favorite place was to photograph and I had to say that I really do not have a single favorite place.  There are so many that I love going back to year after year and I hope to add many new ones in the years to come.  One such place is Ray Atkeson Point overlooking Sparks Lake and the South Sister and Broken Top.  Sunsets up here can be dramatic and I have seen, although never photographed, wonderful sunrise images from this location, as well.

After spending most of the day floating the Deschutes River with my niece and her family and then dinner at the Deschutes Brewing Company in Bend I headed up toward Sparks Lake hopeful for a good evening.  I began to notice these very interesting waves of clouds forming over the meadow adjacent to the lake and moving toward Mt. Bachelor so my first stop was along the Cascades Lakes Highway.  Gave me hope for a great evening.

Bachlor_wavesI walked down the trail to the overlook and was greeted with a very nice display of clouds working around the summit of the South Sister.  These clouds still had a bit of the wave action going on.  This was the first shot from the overlook last night.

SSister_Summit_wavesAfter about 30 minutes the cloud began to soften and I had high hopes for a lot of color from the setting sun but alas it just got less dramatic.  I have called this image “Dancing on the Summit”  – nice hip action!!

Dancing_on_the_SummitAnd finally the last image for the night – about 5 minutes later the cloud turned gray and that was about all there was for the evening.

Dancing_on_the_Summit2It was a nice evening and I got to share it with a very nice couple from Northern CA  who were so enthusiastic and committed to photography so I hope to maintain a correspondence with them.