It has been overcast and foggy here in the Willamette Valley for the last couple of days so I decided to go up and see if I could find some sun.  An friend of mine, Leigh, once told me “When in doubt go higher” and I have kept that advice close over the years.  Wise woman.

I went higher – up the Old Mckenzie Highway – and found a near pristine field with almost unmarked snow about 2 feet deep.  I knew there was a waterfall in the area that I wanted to shoot so I strapped on my snowshoes and headed out.  Graceful is not a term I would apply to my gate in snowshoes but certainly better than plunge stepping down a hill to the waterfall.  I have shot this waterfall before but with higher flows so the frozen landscape dropped the flow and I think added some interest.  (Just seemed better in Black and White.  Click for a larger view)  The image is called Cross Currents – obvious reasons.


I stumbled my way back up the hill to the field I first spotted and the following image presented itself.  Shady and 22 degrees – the sun did not add any warmth but did add some interest to the shot. What a great day to be out in the mountains.


An aside:  I did manage to get stuck in the snow/ice turning around on a forest road and had to dig myself out since I have been abandoned by my past faithful diggers.  I think I need to be more careful in the future.  Hee Hee