The photographic show, Emerging Artists, at Emerald Art Center on Friday evening was really fun and well attended. I think I talked more in that one evening than I do total in a month.  While fun it was tiring both physically – on my feet for 3 hours – and being ‘on’ is always an energy drain for us introverts.  I know that many people charge their batteries being active in groups like that but not me.  It is an energy drain and while I love doing it and being out there I recognize that in order to recover and recharge I need some time alone and in nature.  Such was the case last night.  The rain quit for a few days and while a spectacular sunset was not in the offing there did develop a soft almost pastel gentle evening.  I had the place to myself save for some rather large and noisy skeins of geese.

I watched this image develop over about 30 minutes until the sun sank into the far cloud bank – time to pack up and head for home – batteries recharged.