I know it has been some time since I added a post to my blog and it has been even longer – 3 years – since I connected with my friend Paula Goodbar, executive director of the Emerald Art Center, for a day in the field behind the lens.

As many of you know we have had a cold, damp and dreary winter and such was the case again as we headed up Santiam Pass yesterday morning.  There was a Winter Storm advisory posted for the west side of the Cascades from Blue River to the summit but we intrepid photographers carried on.  Oh my! can’t believe I wrote that!! :~)   The roads got a bit icy and snowy just above the map dot of Mckenzie Bridge but the plows were doing a great job and travel was easy.  As we drove along we came to a section of road that parallels Lost Lake on one side and the remains of the B&B Complex fire on the other.  The fire blackened boles were adorned with fresh snow and made for simple compositions that – as Paula said – look like sketches.  We turned around and then around again to get safely off the road and got out in the snow to shoot.  I love these kinds of compositions.  As usual if you click on the image you can get a larger view on your screen.

We moved on and jockeyed around the snowplows until the road cleared on the east side of the summit.  We had planned to meet up with my friend Leslie, who lives in Sisters, at the turnoff for Camp Sherman.  We waited about a minute and there she was.  We headed out hoping to find interesting shots along the main river below Camp Sherman.  Despite being a spring creek the river was high and a lot of the detail in the flow was washed out but with some careful camera work I think I was able to capture some of patterns that formed in the higher flow.  The shot below was taken at Wizard Falls I used a 4-stop ND filter and a f-stop of 22.   It was still a bit overcast and cold but so nice to see a bit of blue.

After photographing the main river for a while I concentrated on some of the detail that was found along the banks and came across a fresh growing clump of False Hellebore lit by morning light with reflected colors of the trees on the bank across the river.


On we went to Sisters.  Sisters Coffee Company, for a bag of Black Butte Gold, is a required stop when in the neighborhood!  We headed out to a view of the 3 Sisters on a mountain south of town – temps in the low 30’s and a 30+ mph wind howling across the ridge.  Brutal shooting – interesting though how when you are actually composing images you forget about the cold – that is until your hands no long work and you run for the car and gloves.  Images from this part of the shoot are not worked up yet.  Stay tuned!

We headed to town and met up with Leslie for lunch at a wonderful gallery/restaurant called The Open Door.  Delicious food and wine and some very nice art.  What a great day with great friends.

(Comments are always welcome and prints of the images are for sale)