The local weather folks are predicting possible thunderstorms for late this afternoon so depending on how that all develops I may head back out to the West Eugene wetlands this evening.  The blooms are abundant and the fields are full of color so I think having them set against a dramatic sky such as can develop after thunderstorms could be great.

However I went out there this morning mostly on a scouting trip mostly to check on the blooms.  The humidity was extreme and the buildup over the coast range was already in progress so it appears that we may be in store for some storms.  Could be fun.

Not really expecting much I was delighted to find the following image.  I have shot this little tree before but with huge white clouds in the distance and smooth water in the foreground that allowed for a nice reflection it just was too good to pass up.

I hope you all have a nice STARWARS DAY — May the 4th be with you!!