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I hope all of you who are Mothers had a wonderful, connective and supportive day yesterday.  My own Mother passed over a few years back and as many of you mentioned in FB posts you miss and honor your Mother every day – me too, and I know my twin sister feels the same way and I am sure she was celebrated by her children and grand children.

“Whether in solitude, or in the company of like-minded friends, I owe some of my most fond and profound memories to these places and to my quiet adventures in them.”  Guy Tal

I got a wee tap on the noggin (thanks Mom) yesterday morning telling me that if I headed out into the mountains she may have left some treats for me and my camera.  All I needed to do was to be quiet and aware.  I headed up Willamette Pass and sure enough I came across this small stream tumbling down a cut bank – another one of those times when just noticing is not enough and turning around is required.   So much rain this year makes for images that are full of interest and in places I had never noticed before.

As I drove up Highway 58 fresh snow blanked the forest and meadows along the way.  I went over the top of Willamette Pass and stopped at Princess Creek CG which was closed. I hiked down thru the snow to the edge of Odell Lake.  The shot below is of Mt. Yoran and was taken with a 10 stop ND filter.

Past the Crescent Lake general store I turned off the LaPine cutoff and drove north on the Cascade Lakes Highway which I already knew was closed below Bachelor Ski area so I turned off and made my way toward Highway 97 and then into Bend. Along the way I crossed a major stream that runs between Crane Prairie and Wickiup Reservoirs and stopped to just explore not really expecting much but to my delight I found this natural abstract.  Seems like the log and its branches have formed a natural sieve and the water is very graceful, IMHO.

Looping back thru Bend and into Sisters for a quick visit with my friend Leslie and of course to pick up some Black Butte Gold coffee I snaked my way thru traffic to a planned stop at Olallie Creek CG only to be a bit disappointed with the condition of the dogwood blooms.  Still not full out and formed and probably will not be for a couple more weeks. There were a few areas and I did manage to get a of shot that I like – lights in the Forest.

I do love to have company when I am on the road shooting but there are some days when I want and need to be alone – almost a time of meditation – such was yesterday.  Hope I can connect with some others in the near future for a trip back to the woods and beyond.

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