It was/is overcast and a bit moist this morning when I left the gym in time to hit the road at 0700 for a visit to set of waterfalls – Moon and Spirit – located up the Row River east of Cottage Grove on the Umpqua National Forest.  There was an article in the local paper a few days ago that got me interested in going back to revisit these beauties.  The last time I went into Spirit Falls there was snow on the trail and it made for tricky footing – today it was clear and well maintained but I think it got steeper since I last visited – hummm.  The waterfall drops into an almost grotto like setting and the greens of the vegetation on the surrounding cliffs really offset the water.

After a number of shots to assure myself that I had captured the grotto I concentrated on the detail and used a longer 70-200 mm lens to do that.  So much beauty to see if you look.

The hike out and UP was difficult especially with a camera backpack loaded with gear, lenses and a tripod.

The next stop was at Moon Falls. The walk in to the base was comparatively very easy.  What beauty.  Difficult to shoot – bottom in dark shade and the top open and relatively bright.  Took a lot of shots and a lot of processing to get it right.

Well I am sure I will have sore muscles tomorrow morning as I hobble my way back to exercise but this was a delightful trip that more than compensated for sore muscles.  It is barely over an hour from Eugene so not much driving for a couple of magic places.