Been a bit since I posted a new image and just wanted to share the one below with y’all.  (Sorry if some of you have already seen it on FB)  It was taken last Sunday morning at Fern Ridge reservoir west of Eugene.   We had a full moon in what seemed to me to be just the right position and I also happened to stumble into a position that worked as well.  We are in the Photographic Summer doldrums with day after day of blue sky so getting up early to capture the moon set was the strategy I employed. Perhaps the Oregon would be a more productive strategy,

The image was taken using a 6 stop Neutral Density filter mounted on my Canon 24-70 lens set at f 22.  I used the 6ND filter to take the chop off the water and get a nice smooth surface.  The image below has a simple mat design that I would use if I decide to ever print and frame it.   (You can get a larger view by clicking on the image.