I have been a bit frustrated with the acres and acres of blue sky lately and thus in need of getting behind the viewfinder.  Mid-day light was just not doing it for me so I resolved to rise very early and get out into the hills south of town.  Official sunrise this morning was 0545 so in order to get out there and find a spot that I thought would capture the morning light just coming over the hills and also show a bit of the valley along Briggs Hill Road I left the house at 0430.  Perfect timing.  Found some fog in the valleys and low spots  – always adds some interest – and got to where I thought I had to be in order to get the image I was after.  I have read that the term for this sort of action/thought is pre visualization which seems to me to be a redundant term but the idea is getting an image in mind and going out with the hope of capturing it.

The image below is from the Briggs Hill Road area and was shot just after official sunrise.  I am happy with it and it met what I had in mind.

If we are connected here and on FB you undoubtedly have seen this image and if so I apologize for the duplication.  Comments are always welcome and if you click on the image you can get a larger view on your screen.