I have been in a bit of a creative slump and I am sure the dull blue sky we have had for days and days here in the Valley has added to that feeling.  The weather report was for clouds and possible rain on the Coast so after my workout I headed for Yachats and then up to Seal Rock.  Not expecting much but it was sure nice to get out and turn on the windshield wipers for a bit and focus the camera on a landscape.  As the day moved forward the front passed and while it was not great light – sort of flat – it was good enough to get me down to beach at Seal Rocks.  As I said the light was rather flat but a circular polarizing filter helped to bring out some detail and improve this image a bit.  This is a much different view of Seal Rocks than I have shot in the past.  Always experimenting.

One of the things I like a lot in this new era of photography is the abundance and variety of photographic papers that can be used on a good home printer.  I learned yesterday in some reading, about a paper called Awagami Kozo Select Natural Fine Art Inkjet Paper made by Epson.  According to the article it is a a hand made Japanese paper that will work in modern printers.  I am always up to try a new paper so I went on-line to B&H to see if I could find it and order a small amount for testing.  It has been back ordered. Drat! The article recommended simple not color rich images so I thought I would see what I could come up with while over at the Coast.  I will try the image below when I get the paper.

Hope you are all enjoying summer and as always Comments are welcome.