After weeks of getting up early to check on the possibility of a dramatic or even an interesting sunrise only to be greeted by empty blue sky and sizzling temperatures, this morning there was finally a sky worth going out for.  The heat down here seems to have broken after a few days above or near the 100 degree mark and I think most of the town is glad to see the temps moderate a bit.  But given it is summer I think we should expect some heat.

I set up this morning in a field near the new hospital and waited for the sun to pop over the far ridge. The first image below was taken about 20 minutes before official sunrise and it took a bit longer before the sun topped the ridge.  Color was just coming on and painting the clouds.  I have shot this scene in the past and these are certainly not the best images I have captured but it sure was nice to be behind the lens once again.

When the sun finally did make an appearance a light ground fog covered the meadow and I think helped to make for a more interesting image.

Click on either image to get a larger view on your monitor and as always comments are more than welcome.

An aside:  Wandered through the Eugene First Friday Art Walk last evening and saw the wonderful hanging sculptures created by Lillian Almeida that formed a backdrop on the music stage and then wandered into the Oregon Contemporary Theatre and got to watch the InstaBallet group work on a new dance that will be included in a ballet with the musical group Pink Martini.  It was great fun.  I hope you check them out and perhaps attend a performance.