Spent the last couple of days in the Bend/Sunriver area with my niece and her lovely family – catching up on what is happening in the family, hiking to a great waterfall, drinking beer and eating Fish Taco’s in the Bend Brewery and then for me an evening at Ray Atkeson Point overlooking Sparks Lake.  We had made a quick stop early in the day and I was delighted to see the little islands that are normally just green but lovely, decorated to the max with yellow flowers.  I have shot at this location numerous times and this is the first time I have seen those islands in bloom.  What a treat and I was very excited about coming back to shoot the sunset.

The whole area around Bend and Sunriver is thick with smoke from the nearby Whitewater fire and while I hoped that the smoke might provide evening color such was not the case.  There was one cloud hanging over the lake surface that offered some interest but the color never developed and 10 minutes after this shot was taken the whole area turned a thick, dull gray/brown.   The bands of yellow flowers made all the difference.

Being an eternal optimist I just ‘knew’ that the morning was going to be spectacular.  On site and hopeful at 0530 but ARGGGGH more smoke and very little definition in the sky.  Still the bands of flowers really helped.

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