My intention this morning was to drive up the Old McKenzie Highway to the Linton Lake trailhead and go in to Linton Falls.  My thanks to Jackie Lindsay for a tip on this location as the waterfall does not even show up in my version of the Waterfall Lover’s Guidebook.

The further I went the worse conditions got – smoke filled the valley and obscured the tops of the hills.  There were signs along the road “Fire Camp” and trucks going by loaded with boxes that I am sure were headed for the camp in support of the fire fighters.  As I turned off the main highway I was greeted with a flashing sign – 3-Sisters Wilderness Closed.  Put a stop to my hiking plans that given the conditions would have been rather nasty anyway.  I did go up the road for a few miles to a delightful little waterfall that I have shot in the past.  Waited until the morning sun came thru the trees before getting the shot I wanted. Very happy with this one.

I packed up the camera gear and headed back toward the car but my attention was diverted  by this wonderful little tree posed against the old growth forest.  Unpacked the gear and got this shot.  Another I am happy with.  Both are better if viewed larger on your screen.

If you are headed out and about for the eclipse on Monday I wish you all the best – good viewing on you!

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