With the Valley cloaked in smoke – even made the front page of the local paper – I watched with interest as the sun moved thru the sky toward sunset.  A few days earlier I had made the same effort only to see the sun disappear in a blanket of heavy dark smoke.  Last night offered some hope for a sunset image.  As I drove out toward Shore Acres on the edge of Fern Ridge reservoir the sun waned and then glowed as it moved thru the various bands of smoke.  Periodically offered me some hope and then took it away.  As I set up I was delighted to see a red sun hanging in the smoke.  I took the image below with a 6-stop ND filter and I think it worked.  The light bands really helped to set off the image.

After about an hour of breathing smoke resulting in a clogged nose and watery eyes the sun began to set over the far hills.  (Sort of reminded me of slash burns and the forest fires of my youth)   The sun reflecting off the smoke just turned the water and sky golden.  Returned home with a bit of headache and really did not sleep well but am glad I went out last night.  Your comments are always welcome and please click on the image to get a larger view on your screen.