I believe that all of the seasons have their own charms – not so crazy about summer especially after the hot and smokey one we had in Oregon.  Autumn, aka the Color Season, is my favorite and like many landscape photographers it gets our creativity flowing and finds us out on the land.  Such was the case for me today.

I noticed some color along the rivers and highways coming back from my autumn trip to Steens Mountain but it was not ready for the lens.  Got some guidance on conditions from my friends Leslie and Tim and headed out this morning.  The choice of today was fortuitous as it was overcast with a bit of drizzle at times – made for soft light – no harsh shadows.  Met up with Leslie at Camp Sherman and we headed for Wizard Falls with the idea of walking the river.  So much color and the river is gorgeous.  Aspen just starting, western larch about a week or so away from full yellow and bits of yellow and red along the river.  The drive over Hwy. 126/20 is spectacular from Mckenzie Bridge over the top so perhaps another trip is in the offing this coming week.

I had visualized the image below for a couple of days and it took me a while to ‘find’ it, set up, take a few deep breaths, check camera settings, ask the sensor gods of assistance so as to not mess it up and begin shooting.  Slowing down has really helped me and while I may come home with fewer images the ones I do tote to the card reader seem to fit what I went after.

The image below is just upriver from the bridge at Wizard Falls.  I have a number of images remaining to really look at but am happy with this one.  My thanks to Leslie for the company and Tim for the advice.

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