A few years ago my Mom passed away on Halloween and so it has become a special day of remembrance for me and to top that off my nephew, Tim, and his darling daughter, Gwen, were both born on this day.

Over the last few years I have taken the camera out to see what treats Mom has in store for me that I can pass along to Gwen and Tim.  This morning I met my friend Leslie from Sisters at Big Lake up near Hoodoo Ski area.  We got there in time for sunrise – painting the sky and just casting a bit of light on Mt. Washington.  Very cold up there – Leslie said it was 17 when she left Sisters, it was in the mid-20’s when out shooting. That is a rim of ice along the shoreline.  I have noticed that one tends to forget how cold you are when framing up a shot – that is until you finish.

Thanks for the Halloween treat Mom.