Spent this morning in the McKenzie River drainage especially at Trailbridge Reservoir and at Clear Lake which is one of the sources of flow for the river.  I went today because the forecast called for a relatively clear and dry day and for the most part they got it right.  I was hoping to shoot snow covered conifers reflected in the still waters of Clear Lake but that was not too be.  There was snow on the ground and on the trail along the lake but it had been rained on and was just a crusty mess.

On the way to Clear Lake I noticed the scene below at a pullout near Trailbridge Reservoit.  Nice way to start the morning.

It was dripping rain when I got to Clear Lake but there was sun scattered through the clouds and it lit up portions of the bank and the lake.  I first thought the boat in the image below was a rental from the resort but it turned out to be privately owned.  Met the owner – he was out for some fishing – may be the last time this year as more storms are headed our way beginning tomorrow and continuing all week.  To me the boat added some nice interest to the image and I was glad I was there in time to include it.

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